Designing a mobile app for a waitress to track her hours and a desktop site for her manager to schedule shifts.

This concept project was a take-home design challenge for Paycom. I was tasked with a 3-part test submitted in 72 hours. This case study looks at 2 parts of 1 product that I designed for 2 personas in that given timeframe.


Oras is a B2B Software to manage and track work hours and shifts for payroll

Role: Product Designer

Tools: Figma, Procreate, Discord, Notion, Google Slides, Maze

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What is Designmate?

Designmate was born out of the effectiveness of learning and growing with peers through projects. The main features included being put into a team of 3-5 peers, working on a project in a similar timeline, and having a weekly group critique to practice presenting their work and giving feedback. Designmate is loaded with key features that not only level up newbies but also helps them practice soft skills important to the design process.


With the amount of time left, we split up the work and I was in charge of mocking up the video chat screens as it was based on my sketches. I pulled UI patterns from established video call platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Whereby. None of these video call platforms have a queue, so I took inspiration from Raidcall, a voice call software I used back in 2013. It had a speaker queue feature utilized for online karaoke. The importance of the queue was to help timebox the conversations so that new designers can practice presenting work and asking for feedback in a timely manner.

Storyselling Designmate

We were tasked with crafting a 1-minute video for the submission, so I took the initiative and volunteered to create that. With the amount of time we had, I wanted to tell the story of our users' problem, while sticking to the strict 1-minute time limit. There was a lot to cover, so I felt that the best way to convey our prototype was by "storyselling." The visual designers on our team created our logo, so I animated it on Figma using smart animate for to help with the presentation. I recorded myself presenting a slide deck, since I didn't have time to be able to fully edit a video that was concise with just enough context.

Designmate logo.gif

Figma smart animate can be pretty cool


Before the official day, I suggested the team to set up a call just to get to know each other. After the introductions, we started to talk about strategy and if we wanted to focus on UX or Visuals. Everyone had a say in the decisions and we all ultimately worked on the final mockups together, but I was 1 out of 3 folks to concentrate on UX, while 2 teammates were in charge for branding/visuals. It was important that we had an idea as to how to approach our problem, given the time constraint. Teamwork is about discussions, compromise, and timeboxing. Being 1 of 3 UX designers, I had to be sure to articulate the reasons behind my ideas and designs. Unlike working in a project for a longer period of time, I had to think on my feet, having only 24 hours to work on Designmate.

This project was a take-home challenge from Paycom.

All of the deliverables, concepts, and illustrations presented is mine,

with the exception of icons and open source fonts from Material.

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