Arrow Birth

B2C onboarding for Arrow Birth as an employee benefit


Role: UX Designer and Researcher

Team: 4 UX Designers, 2 Project Managers, 1 Developer, 2 Business Stakeholders

Platform: Desktop Web

Tools: Procreate, Figma, Miro, Zoom, Jira

Problem: Users want an easy and fast way to activate Arrow Birth services as a benefit through their employer.

Solution: A short but personal onboarding experience that ends with a self-explanatory dashboard.

Outcome: 100% usability success rate for a streamlined onboarding process, and a reworked dashboard with a navigation preferred by 70% of users.

Arrow Birth is an online education platform that offers digital courses and expert consultation for modern parents on the topic of parenthood. Their current offerings are for individual families, and they are looking to expand to forward-thinking employers in a B2B model. The design team was brought in to help Arrow Birth design for this planned B2B expansion.

01_Team Arrow.png

B2B and B2C team breakdown

Pregnant with Problems

To get an understanding of our starting point, I conducted a content audit of their unpublished members site on Wordpress to better understand the Arrow Birth’s current direction.

06_Content Auditpng.png

Arrow Birth's initial members' dashboard

From the content audit, I found that they were lacking usability heuristics that would make the website friendly for first-time users. Additionally, I met with the client and B2B team to learn about Arrow Birth’s plan for this expansion and how it might affect the users I was designing for.

07_Price Chart.png

Arrow Birth's planned offerings to businesses

I learned that B2C users will all have courses and Arrow Guides in common, no matter what level plan their employer provided. Arrow Guides are specialists who provide support exclusive to B2C customers. Having a concept of Arrow Birth’s business plan helped me understand how to approach user research.

Getting to Know Parents

[Uh-Oh!] We were provided with 8 interview participants, but could only use 3 who were still potential end users that met the above criteria and were not stakeholders that could introduce bias. In order to gather more data to understand our users, I worked with the team to supplement our research with the following:


Survey on Onboarding
On how users activate employer-provided benefits.


Domain Research

Mental models and behaviors of current working moms.

13_UX Patterns.png

UX Patterns

Best practices for onboarding and account creation.

Meet Peggy

I worked with my team to define a primary persona through affinity diagramming the primary research to find patterns and analyzing data from secondary sources. Defining a persona helped facilitate our conversation about design decisions during stakeholder meetings.

AB_Affinity Diagram.png

The affinity diagram can be viewed here.