Hi, I'm Martha.

My hobbies include learning about things and playing with problems. I’m fueled by creativity with a giant helping of curiosity.

That creativity brought me to animation in college, and curiosity led me to media exploration. Being part of different projects ranging from video games to short films as a digital designer for the past 4 years, I found that I really enjoyed creative collaboration and storytelling.


#toonmechallenge painting of half my real photo

My favorite animation project :)

I was a lead animator for this short film with Sony Animation and Mitu

Summer Ice enviro model.jpg

A boy's bedroom that I 3D Modeled for a an independent short film. Another fun project!

One of the sticker designs I illustrated on Figma for Cinnamamoon.

Transitioning to Product Design felt so natural. It combined everything I enjoyed about digital design and animation in creativity, storytelling, and collaboration with intense problem-solving and communication. I also love that as a designer, my work can be used to help people in the real world.

I do still draw a lot and am currently an illustrator for Cinnamamoon, an online sticker shop I opened with my friends. I’m always down to chat about interesting problems and design...as well as hobbies like movies, webtoons, and video games. I’m a big fan of Studio Ghibli and Nintendo. 

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